Yeah... so... yeah.
Life's still been a little crazy. Not to mention I've just had a complete writer's block for the last... well, you can see when the last strip was. I just hit a wall and couldn't do a damn thing. I even tried writing other things, like music, a short story, ect. Nothing. Brick wall.
So yeah, I'm back. HOPEFULLY for good this time. And for now, I shall attempt to tell the story of why my comics have been late.
In other news, Keenspace seems to be changing its name to ComicGenesis. So someday soon my url will probably be stickmanltd.comicgen.com. Or more than likely, I will get fed up with their popup ads and it will be moved to my stickmanltd.com site.
In the meantime... enjoy the return of the comics, for now they will be scheduled for MWF.
Oh, and for the record, yes, I let the beard grow out a bit, then just recently shaved off all but a goatee thingy. Then haven't bothered to shave since, hence the stray hairs still on the side. :)

Very long story involving TWO computers dying, my job going under, my phone company making a mistake and then when I didn't pay for THEIR mistake, disconnecting my phone and internet (right in the midst of hunting for a new job, something damn near impossible without a phone), and in a nutshell, I quite literally couldn't even get online to update my site, let alone do my comic. But I've got a new job, a new computer, a new internet connection, and one of those nifty broadband internet phones. At the moment I'm trying to put together a new Alabama Bones storyline, not sure when it'll be up and running, but I've got a title, a plot, and a nifty first page so far.

Oh man, work has just been CRAZY lately. That's all I can really say about that. In a nutshell, my day job requires three managers to run properly.
Most of the time in the last few weeks we've had two. Then my boss managed to get himself arrested.
So guess who was left to run things all by himself until everything got straightened out.
So that's why I've been MIA for the last little while. Things are SLIGHTLY back towards normal right now, so I'm going to try to get on a daily schedule again. Wish me luck!

So, what does everybody think of the new Remington and Gus? Pretty nifty, huh.

Well, that's the end of the Ratman storyline. I hope I can get back to a more regular schedule now. But I'm not making any promises. I AM however crossing my fingers.

Of course, right after I announce a MWFS update schedule, my work schedule starts to go back towards normal. Well, I still need the extra time to draw these full-sized photoshop strips anyway. Photoshop takes a bit longer for me to draw in then Windows Paint, of course, since the simplicity of Windows Paint really doesn't allow me to do anything FUN.
However I did manage to take an hour to play around with some photoshop ideas for my new comic, I drew a few profiles for the characters here. The strip is tenatively called 'Fighting Fury' for now. It will be partially a martial arts comic, but mostly it will be making fun of fighting games. Because really, there are so many comics out there making fun of RPGs... I think fighting games deserve to be poked fun at a little bit too.

Okay, and we're back for now. Sorry about the hiatus people, but RL just got in the way. At the moment I think I'm aiming for a temporary comic schedule of Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully only temporary. I'd like to get back to daily ASAP.
Oh, and happy belated Beltane!

You're probably wondering why there was no update yesterday.
Well, long story short, my boss just found out he has a tumor in his leg. So needless to say, when I had to cover his late shift and close the store last night, I wasn't about to complain. I just hope his doctor was right when he said he didn't think it was cancerous.
Because of this, however, I'm going to be very busy at my 'day' job(I put day in parenthesis because it's really an evening and night job, but you know what I mean). I'm contemplating going on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for my comic, at least until the Ratman storyline is done. I'm not sure if that's what I'm going to do, but I'm thinking about it.

After a long day of almost tearing my hair out by the roots, my computer seems to be functional again. And just in time. Right when the comic was going to update, I finished the comic.
And then, of course, the computer decided to go screwy again.
Needless to say, it updated about an hour late. But no matter. Anyway, I've added mp3 soundtracks to the Temple of Gloom demo, it sounds MUCH better than the MIDI I had before.

The new Temple of Gloom section of the cafepress store is now open! it can be seen here.

There, now doesn't that make sense?
For those of you who don't understand the significance of the date '4/20', I believe the reason the number 420 is significant to stoners is because that's the police code for marijuana or something to that extent. I wouldn't know, not being a stoner myself.
Truth be told, I was just planning this big buildup to do one of my superhero strips, and I was just hoping I'd be good enough at photoshop by that time to pull it off there. Also, I was planning on doing this series in full page format. I.E., real comic book style. I couldn't decide which superhero to use until I heard some of the guys at work talking about 4/20. Needless to say, that immediately inspired me to introduce Ratman and his nemesis: The Smoker!
Apparently this also marks my changover from .gifs to other formats. I found that a jpeg was actually a slightly smaller file in this case than a .gif, so I used it. I will probably be alternating between the two, depending on whichever one I can compress the mose without losing image quality for each comic.

I put up some screenshots from the third level of Temple of Gloom here. I finally got the switches working right, hopefully I'll have the three level demo up soon!

Woohoo! 200 strips baby! I can't believe I've managed to keep up with a daily strip for 200 strips. And to think, when I did the old hand-drawn strips I got stuck at 11.

Yep, that's right, another little MIDI theme in there for the end. Not sure if that's going to be a tradition or not.

Pretty cool date, huh. Although I think 03-03-03 was a cooler day, just because there are three numbers there.
Then of course, one shadowy day, it shall be 06-06-06... mwhahahahaha... that is when my minions and I will strike down on you puny mortals and...
Wait a minute... I'm not supposed to gloat about my evil plan until right before it happens. Hold that thought, I'll get back to you in two years, two months and two days.

I didn't realize I forgot to put the '.html' at the end of the most recent item in the dropdown list. :) Fixed now though.

Happy Ostara everybody! I'm actually not sure exactly what day it is, I've heard some people say it was yesterday and some say it's tomorrow. So I stuck this comic in the middle. :) And for all you non-pagans out there, well, have a nice day anyway.
Honestly, I'm such a bad pagan. I don't really do the 'organized religion' thing, so I never know when the holidays are coming up. If somebody hadn't reminded me today, I wouldn't have remembered.
And I always forget the names too. But I'm just naturally bad with names.

Almost didn't have a comic ready for today. Since I got sick I've been a bit behind, and today when I was drawing my comic, the power went out several times. If you're reading this, that means I managed to update before I left for work. :)

The new 2 level demo of Alabama Bones and the Temple of Gloom is up! Complete with a new way for him to die! Check it out at http://www.stickmanltd.com/templeofgloom.html.

Ugh. That's all I have to say. Sorry about the filler strip, I drew it about 15 minutes before midnight tonight.

Okay, so that was weird. The day I make fun of the IRS happened to be the day I filled out my tax return.
And I found out I was getting money back. Go figure.

Okay, so I'm thinking, mostly just to stretch my artistic style, but also just as a fun project, that I'll try my hand at a non-stickman comic. I have some designs for characters and a few plot ideas, but now I have to settle for drawing style.
It has to be simple enough that even I can't screw it up, yet at the same time I want it to be MY style, not somebody else's. At the moment I'm torn between a simplistic comic book style, fairly realistic proportions but slightly bigger than normal heads, or maybe go with something more like Penny Arcade or RPG World or the third Monkey Island game. Much more exaggerated figures, much simpler lines.
I think I'll just play around a bit more. We'll see. Either way, since I don't have a scanner I'll have to find something I can draw in Photoshop once I get my new computer running.
But don't worry, I won't give up my stickmen just yet. They still need me, this will be a side project, nothing more.

Sorry there haven't been many newsposts lately. Been a bit busy IRL. Thankfully I've managed to keep up with the comics though.
The storyline dropdown box appears to be working once again though, so that's a big yay. Okay, a relatively small yay, but still a yay. I like that dropdown. It's just so handy. It would be a whole lot of work to make an archive page instead. Not to mention that it would screw up my website design.

Hey everybody, guess what? Just had my first bad review. It's funny, because I met every critera he listed except for good artwork. But because I'm a stick figure comic(which he personally dislikes), apparently that automatically makes me bad.
It makes me sad to see such discrimination in this world. My stick figures work just as hard as any fully 2d characters. They can't help looking the way they do. Healthy food, exercise, nothing helps. That's why they came to me, because I have a place for stick figures without a home.
So now I guess I'm going to have to work twice as hard to prove this stick figure discriminator wrong. Stick figures can be just as funny as anyone else, you just have to give them a chance. Won't somebody please think of the stick figures?
Note: Donations may or may not actually go to support stick figures.

Woohoo! Strip number 150! That's almost half a year gone by.
And guess who's back to entertain now that the storyline went bye-bye? Yep, that's right. Our favorate big-headed nonsensical duo.
Come to think of it, that's the ONLY big-headed nonsensical duo here on the strip.

Well, stickmanltd.com (and therefore the forums) appear to be up again. If it's not working for you, then it's probably just taking the DNS a while to update. (For those who don't speak computer geek, that means your ISP is still looking for the site on the old server, it hasn't noticed that it moved to the new server yet.)
And I decided to try something new. I realized that in all of the other storylines I kind of let it cut off abruptly, I never actually said 'The End'. So I did here. And I added in a piratey sort of MIDI that hopefully you'll be able to hear. Yarr. We had fun treasure huntin', but now it's time to move on to other characters for the time being.

Some of you might have noticed that the forums are down. The server that stickmanltd.com is on is dying, so everything is in the process of being transferred. It might take a day or two for the server and DNS transfer. Hopefully nothing will be lost. I have copies of the site itself on my computer of course, but not the forums.

Y'know, I completely forgot that I did this. I drew all these strips ahead of time when Keenspace was down. I really am a bastard, aren't I.

Well, Keenspace seems to be working again. At least everything besides the dropdown box is working.
So I decided to take this opportunity to advertise. That's right, I'm actually advertising my comic. Not much to start with, but I figured I need to start at least letting people know this place exists, otherwise they won't have the choice whether or not they want to read it.
In other news, an updated demo for Alabama Bones and the Temple of Gloom can be found here. I'm still tweaking it somewhat, so expect a few changes in the next couple of days.
Thanks for bearing with me during these last few days of server ups and downs!

Well, THAT was an impressive display of my forgetfulness.
For those of you who missed it, that's good. For those of you who didn't... yeah... I kinda had the words there and I forgot to add the talk bubbles around them.
I've forgotten to add the little arrows from the talk bubbles before, because that's something easily missed. But the talk bubbles themselves... well, I really have nothing to say in my defense.
But it's fixed now, so it's all good.

Well, Keenspace seems to be functional again, my site is suddenly updated.
And of course, because the site was down I didn't get around to drawing anything for Friday or Saturday yet, so I'll try to update at least for Saturday's comic. Can't guarantee anything, since I didn't notice that Keenspace was back until about 7 this morning. I was working on a new mini-game, Break Invaders, and I think I finally got it pretty much perfected. All I can say is DAMN some of those powerups were hard to program.

Well, this kinda sorta sucks, but keenspace is having problems. Hence the lack of update. One of the keenspace servers is down, thankfully my comic is okay, it's on the other one. Unfortunately, the one that went down is the one that seems to control the main site and the updates and everything else. So although at the moment I can FTP into my site and upload stuff, like this news brief, I can't have the site update the comics. If Keenspace stays down for too much longer I just might start mirroring my comics on www.stickmanltd.com. Hopefully I won't have to.

Wow... that was close.
I didn't have my usual backup comic ready, I've been a bit busy lately, so I had to draw today's comic before I left for work. Which would have been plenty of time except that my boss called and asked me to come in early.
So yeah, I just finished right now, and I have to run off to work without taking a shower or anything, but at least the comic's ready. :)
I just HAD to pick today to be the day I did the fancy shmancy drawing instead of a cheap punchline with no background and cut and pasted people.

I was trying to update the page format a bit, add in links to www.stickmanltd.com and to the forum, and add in a storyline dropdown box...
And of course when I clicked for keenspace to update, they put tomorrow's strip up about 7 hours early. D'oh.

It's up! The Alabama Bones demo is up, click here to see it!
Good timing too, what with today's strip and all.

The incredibly handsome, talented and in all other ways wonderful guy in charge of www.stickmanltd.com has graciously agreed to let us share a forum with him. Oh, wait... that's me. Boy is MY face red.
The forum address is http://www.stickmanltd.com/forum/, if anybody wants to go sign up for a username there. Not much there yet, but I'm workin' on it.

With my demo almost ready for my very first full video game (the bad text ones I did in GWBASIC as a kid don't count, although techically I did make a nifty little ASCII game where you walk around and shoot things in PASCAL back in 98 or 99... but I digress.), I decided to put a screenshot here... and announce the opening of Stickman Limited Software.
I have a dummy page up for the website at http://www.stickmanltd.com.

Well, this is it. The new year. And guess what everybody? I registered www.stickmanltd.com for myself. I'll keep this site at the comic site, since Keenspace has all those handy tools to keep comics running, and use that as the site for Stickman Limited Software.
Yep, I'm doing it. I'm going ahead with this. I spent a couple of hours working on my Alabama Bones demo yesterday, and I finally decided I'm ready to take that step. It should be up in 1-3 days they said, and as soon as it is, I'm setting up the site.
Wish me luck!

Happy new year's eve everyone... this is the last strip that will say Copyright 2003 at the bottom. :)

Merry christmas, happy yule, happy hanukkah, happy kwanzaa, merry agnostica, or whatever the heck everybody celebrates. Unfortunately due to extreme business, I didn't get my Alabama Bones and the Temple of Gloom demo up yet. But I will soon, I hope.

This weekend will be hell. Both the other managers at my work will be gone, so I'll be running the place until they get back. So I caught up and drew strips all the way up until christmas. That's right, no need for me to draw anything new until 11:55 christmas night.
Although the main reason for doing that was to allow me to work on my Alabama Bones game instead of the strip whenever I have free time. Which I won't, but that's beside the point. I'm still shooting for some kind of demo by christmas, and by the latest, New Years.

Heh. Guess I was right. Didn't have a strip ready for yesterday. Sorry about that folks. Oddly enough, I wasn't spending that time on school or work. I was spending time with my girlfriend, (yes webcomic artists date) who the readers will be able to meet in stick figure form as soon as I'm done with this Alabama Bones storyline arc. I don't want this to be a real life based comic, but I have drawn myself in here a few times.
In addition, I'm thinking about buying a domain name and getting started on my Stickman Limited Software site ASAP, as my Alabma Bones game is getting along fairly well. I finally managed to get whip swinging to work, although for some reason it refuses to draw the line from Al's whip handle to the object he's swinging on. And ladders in the way confuse the swinging code. Oh well.
Still, as soon as I have the first level ready, I'll set up my Stickman Limited Software site and have a downloadable demo.

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