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by Hugh Sullivan

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To start things off, here's a link to the original hand-drawn Stickman Limited comic. Only 11 strips.
The original Stickman Limited Comics(complete with annoying Tripod popups)
Then of course there's Stickman Limited Software, sister site to this one. This is where you'll find all of my shareware games based on Stickman Limited characters, and possibly more original non-stickman games.

(warning: may cause extreme geekiness. Many of these are gamer comics)
Theater Hopper This comic is the source of a good deal of my hits, as it's the only place I've really advertised my site. About a movie geek and his friends.
Acid Reflux is GONE now! I missed my chance to download it before it went. A sad day for geek comics everywhere. This was one of the first comics I ever found. The artwork was only so-so, but it was funny and witty and *sniff*. Acid Reflux, you will be missed.
Exploitation Now (may have some nudity, not for the kiddies.) This comic finished a while ago, and the artist is doing another more serious comic, but I haven't gotten into it as much.
Penny Arcade
PVP Online
A Modest Destiny - This is probably one of the more underrated comics online. Why? Because it's a pixel art comic. There's just one difference between this one and all the others. It's all ORIGINAL art. That's right, this guy has made more sprites for his comic than most old NES and SNES games had. And the real nifty part is: He's a programmer and wannabe game designer like me. So that automatically adds a bit of coolness there.
RPG World (beware of popups) Good comic, making fun of console RPG cliches, much like my soon-to-be comic making fun of fighting game cliches.
Control Alt Delete
El Goonish Shive Don't even ask me where he got the name, but it's a good comic
Errant Story - By Poe, the same guy who did Exploitation Now
8-bit Theatre (arguably the best sprite comic out there)
Real Life Comics (For comics based on real life, they're pretty far out there.)
Sluggy Freelance
Samurai Mushroom I started reading this one just because of the weird title. I kept reading it 'cause it was damn good. That, and it's not too dissimilar an idea to one that a friend of mine had that I wanted to use to make a videogame out of someday. Only instead of vegitable warriors, his idea involved cute fuzzy animals with weapons.
No Need For Bushido An interesting comic about a samurai who isn't exactly the most stereotypical of samurai.
Oh My Gods! This is a cute little pagan-oriented comic done in a similar style to Little Gamers.
And last but not least:
The only other stick figure comic that I've found online so far that (&*%ing rocks. It's called The Order of the Stick. I found it through the top web comics list that I'm on, and it is frikkin' great. I've never even played Dungeons and Dragons, which is where it gets most of its jokes from, and I still think it's frikkin' hilarious.

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