Stickman Limited

by Hugh Sullivan

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Stickman Limited.
This is the character the strip is named for. Yes, his name is Stickman Limited.
He is a rather plain stickman, no major features to distinguish him. In fact, no major features at all, other than the typical head, body, arms and legs.
Alabama Bones
Alabama Bones is an adventurer. A hero. An archeologist with a tough side the size of... well, about the size of his skinny stick body, actually.
The Brothers Pantsalot
The Brothers Pantsalot, Arthur(on the right) and Bob(on the left) are a pair of knights who are desperate to prove their worth so they can be accepted into the court of King Arthur, and his round table.
Remington and Gus
Remington and Gus are a pair of big-headed stick figures. Because of their odd shapes, finding a date, and more importantly, fitting through the door once they go out on a date, is almost impossible.
The Bloody Lip
This is the (not-quite) fearsome crew of the pirate ship, the Bloody Lip. Led by the refined Captain Rapier DeWitt, this crew is willing and ready, although not always able, to tackle whatever problems the ocean may throw in their wake.
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