Stickman Limited

by Hugh Sullivan

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Stickman Limited was the creation of a bored 8th grader in the middle of class. Since then it has grown to a slightly more mature sense of humor along with the writer. But occasionally old strips will be thrown in with stickdeath and generally immature humor. It just makes it fun. So sit back and enjoy. This is a mixture of old and new. It's badly drawn. It's funny. It's a lot of things. There are also many things that it is not. For instance, it is not lasagna. I like lasagna, but this comic strip just isn't it.
For any ideas, suggestions, love, hate, ect. types of mail, email me at For lasagna, go to your local grocery store. I'm sure they have nice frozen lasagna. If you want to make your own, I recommend finding a recipe first.
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